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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does psychotherapy last?

There are different forms of psychotherapy, both short term and long term:

Short-term psychotherapy can last approximately 8-12 sessions, and is typically focused on a presenting problem. A presenting problem can be anything from depression to anxiety, and even just feeling stuck.


Long-term psychotherapy can last as long as the client and therapist continue to work on areas to the client’s benefit.


In both scenarios, the therapist and the client discuss frequency, which can be weekly or bi-weekly. For individual psychotherapy, sessions typically last 45-50 minutes. For group psychotherapy, sessions can be 60-75 minutes.

Do you have a sliding scale fee?

Absolutely. We feel it is important to work with individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds, and acknowledge not everyone can afford the stated fee for service. The sliding scale fee is based on income and availability of the time slot.

Do you accept insurance?

This is a two part answer:

1. We are currently on many insurance panels you can check if yours is one of them on the Finances page.


2. Depending on your insurance plan, they may reimburse you an out of network provider. If your insurance company reimburses your psychotherapy sessions, we will complete and provide you the necessary paperwork.

What if I need medications?

We strongly believe that a comprehensive approach to treatment is most beneficial for the client. If we decide to include psychiatric medication into your treatment, this will be openly discussed and a referral will be made.